More information about Kalisto

Company “Kalisto” was established in 2001 as German-Bulgarian association for the purpose of trading in various supplies.

The Company “Kalisto” Ltd. is one of the major importers of steel products in our country. The production is based in Poland, Italy , Ukraine and China. Due to the excellent technical characteristics, perfect logistics and last but not least good prices and flexible terms tailored to each client, we successfully proved ourselves on the market and has become one of the best providers. The result is that we won some of the largest enterprises in Bulgaria, making them our customers.
Customers need to produce more at lower cost and under safe and reliable conditions. Kalisto realizes this trend and strives to offer performance based services according to this upward trend. Our products are made to the exact orders as required by our clients. Strong competition and high demand make us most accurate in offering our products. Thanks to our highly qualified staff we are able to be competitive on the market and even more.
Grinding media is used inside grinding mills to improve the efficiency of the grinding process. These are available in different diameters and materials to guarantee the best performance for the mineral to be processed.


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