Our grinding balls are widely used in Iron, Gold, Copper and Nickel Ore ball mills. Until now, KALISTO has developed series of grinding balls specific to different Ore conditions which could help customers achieve the lowest abrasion. Thanks to our quality, the results after using our products are much better than before.

Power plant

The cost of fuel processing plays an important part in Power Generation. Our grinding balls are favored by our current customers for their good wear resistance, lowest breakage rate ( < 0.5%), etc.

Cement Plant

Cement is a binder, a substance that sets and hardens as the cement dries and also reacts with carbon dioxide in the air dependently, and can bind other materials together. The process of cement crushing is done with our high-quality steel products.

Other fields

Besides mills of mining, cement and power stations, our products are also widely applied in many other fields, such as flue gas desulfurization, chemical industry, CWS (Coal Water Slurry), slag, flyash, quartz sand, wagon cleaning, bicycle production, and many more.